True Romance…handmade weddings

For those of you who have never heard of Etsy, it is a online market place that allows individual shops to sell handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies.  It is a bit like going to your local farmer’s market, craft fair, and antique store all in one.  I used to tell people that it is like Ebay only for handmade goods, but it really is more than that.  Etsy is a community of artists from around the world that come together to offer their wares.  You can find everything from crochet patterns, vintage clothing, handmade housewares, wedding items,  jewellery, party supplies, photography, art, paintings, notebooks, hand dyed yarn, baby items, food, chocolate, etc…

It is a real joy being a member of the Etsy community.  When you operate a shop on Etsy and join teams with other artisans, then you really experience that sense of community for your little space of the internet.  Sometimes shop owners will make or curate a treasury, which consist of a collection of items from different shops based on a theme.  The theme of the collection can be based on a colour, home living, weddings, geometric patterns, …well anything really.  Etsy then chooses a treasury or collection to feature on its homepage.  This allows Etsy to showcase items to shoppers based on any given theme.

My niche is wedding and party supplies which means that my products usually get showcased in wedding themed collections.  This is one of the perks of my job!!! There are so many unique and lovingly crafted wedding items that can be found on Etsy.   The other day my shop was featured in a gorgeous June Bride collection.  I have handpicked some of the items from this collection to showcase today.  The June Bride collection that was curated by Linnea Heide [contemporary art and original abstract paintings].
















Hope you enjoy these beautiful handmade items.   To view the complete collection click here: June Bride.




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More Anthroplogie Love

It’s so fun to live vicariously through the internet or Pinterest!  You should check out my virtual beach house… [] …sigh,..maybe one day…

Here are my latest picks from Anthroplogie, some great home living ideas to spice up your everyday and summer living…





How cool is this hanging chair!




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Summer Plans



Ah, my favourite day of the week, Friday.   Life as been busy here.   Our flower beds are planted in and we have a couple of wrens who have decided to make a nest in our bird house in the back yard.  Those little birds are small but feisty!  So we need to keep clear of their home to give them some peace.  We also had a baby bunny visit our backyard.

My planters on the deck seem to be taking off and this year the colours are purple, white, yellow, red and black.   … and ,Yes I said black! I have a few gorgeous Black Mamba petunias.  The petals seem like they are made of velvet and really stand out.  No shrinking violet here.

black petunia


I am looking forward to lots of outdoor living this summer.  I love dining on the patio!

With the end of the school year only eight days away I am dreaming and looking forward to a summer of fun…

…hiking, cycling, camping, lemonade stands, long weekends, popsicles, reading, napping, butterfly catching, staying up late, ice cream, wine on the patio,  a break from our usual routine….


Ah, summer!!


Hopefully it will truly be an endless summer…




        What are your plans for summer this year?

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo! Oh yeah! Time for Margaritas, Piñatas, Tacos and Salsa.  Here are some great decorating ideas for a budget and some recipes to try!




Fresh Salsa, recipe from Martha Stewart



For Cinco de Mayo you want bright festive colours! Here is a great DIY, Frugality Gal.


Yuummy, Coco Pina Margarita, recipe found at Host the Toast blog



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carpe diem

Carpe Diem pillow,


Time to clear out the clutter.   Have you got the spring cleaning bug? Whether it is your house, kitchen counter clutter or maybe some life or career goals, it’s time to sit up and take notice what needs to be changed.     Clear away the clutter, open up the window for some fresh air , start making changes to achieve your goals and dreams.

Remember that even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference over time!  So don’t overwhelm yourself with too much, just pick one simple thing to change this week.


Grow Your Own Change, Martisanne Handmade


Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem Hand Illustrated Tea Cup, Farizula

Happy Wednesday,


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Pinterest Round Up

In this crazy world of social media I must admit I am still a big fan of Pinterest.  So for this Friday I am posting some of my favourite and most popular pins.  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Beach Cathedral, Ribadeo, Lugo, Galicia, Spain


Seashell and Succulents


Screen print tee from Calico skies blog.


Opal Applique Clutch – Bags – Shop, Two Penny Blue


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Happy Earth Day

Welcome to Earth day where small acts of recycling, conserving, and being eco-friendly are celebrated.  Being kind to the Earth is important to help conserve energy and resources for future generations.


For this Earth day we are going to turn out the lights and use this up cycled  candle holder to help reduce electricity.  For this craft you will need the following:  empty  and cleaned tuna can, paper, glue, scissors, wooden clothes pins, candle in a glass holder, bakers twine (optional).


Measure the height of the can and cut a strip of paper the same width.  The length of the paper should be able to wrap around the can.  Using a paint brush add some glue to the outside of the can and wrap your paper around it.


To add some height and a natural element fix the wooden clothes pins around the top of the can.


Insert a glass votive holder into the centre of your tin.  Remember to make sure you use a candle that is enclosed in glass, and never leaving a burning candle unattended.


You can add some decoration to the outside of your candle holder.  I used yellow baker’s twine and a paper heart.  Happy Earth Day!

~ Kathy



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Flowers for Friday

Today’s post is all about beautiful flowers!  The Magnolia is one of the oldest genus of plants, it even existed before before the appearance of bees!

Magnolia Stem


The peony.  Highly fragrant and greatly varies in colour, shape and size, this is one of the longest used flowers in Eastern culture.

Heirloom peony.


Flowering Plum.  One of the first plants in my yard to bloom in the spring.


Flowering Plum


The Tulip, another early bloomer! So many kinds to choose from.


All photos were found on Pinterest and more flowers and gardening tips can be found here on flowers and on backyard garden.  Plant info was from wikipedia.

Have a beautiful weekend,






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Getting ready for Spring

It’s time to start transitioning into patio living, long walks in the park, driving with the top down and feeling the sun on your face.  So what are the latest trends?

Plant an instant garden on your favourite window ledge or sunny spot.


Mini Planters from Wind and Willow Home


String together driftwood and shells from a beach walk:

Shell Garland from West Elm



Create an Easter Display for your coffee table or  mantle:

Natural Easter Egg Display, photo from Pinterest


Bring Nature indoors with a display of  Pussy Willow branches:

Pussywillows, via Pinterest

Go Barefoot:

Crochet Barefoot Sandals from Accessory Gallery by Lasunka





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Spring Break

Hello!  Hopefully the weather is warming up where you are and there is a feeling of spring in the air.  Mother nature decided to snow here over night but warmer days are just around the corner.  Time to think about a Spring Break vacation perhaps??  Over at the new Rue magazine they are gearing up for spring, love this casual look with a pop of pink!

Love the pop of pink!

Shop the items here:

Top,  Overnight bag, Hair Serum, Sunglasses, Sandals, Shorts, Watch.

We were so fortunate to have an amazing Spring Break holiday this year.  I can’t wait to share some of our adventures with you.  Here is a sneak peek:






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